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Beit Immanuel's Volunteers Program

We welcome you to consider serving the Lord here in Beit Immanuel Congregation and Guest House as a volunteer.

The volunteer program is a support role to the total ministry of Beit Immanuel. Volunteers come from different countries to be a support to the entire ministry while experiencing life in Israel. This means it is a place to serve, to learn and to grow in our relationship with God and with one another.

Volunteers are here for the chief purpose of offering a ministry of hospitality to overnight guests in our Guest House as well as to the congregation and other groups that meet at Beit Immanuel. Men and women are involved in all duties, i.e. praying, cleaning, laundry, cooking, maintenance, painting, gardening, serving meals, dishwashing and attending the reception desk.

Being a volunteer is a learning experience that requires a servant heart! It is not an overseas holiday!

Three to six months is an ideal time to stay, though we sometimes consider helpers for  longer periods of service.

All volunteers at Beit Immanuel are required to arrange their own medical insurance before they arrive. You may be able to arrange medical insurance at student rates through a travel agent or insurance broker in your own country. Personal valuables may also be insured.

Normally, volunteers share a room with other young people from different nations.

We are a family in Yeshua and want to express his love to our guests and to the many visitors to Beit Immanuel. As a volunteer living in community you will be challenged to love and serve in many different capacities.

Be prepared for cultural and denominational differences! You will be challenged to be gracious and understanding in the face of different attitudes, cultures and people!

If you are interested in joining us and would like more information please contract Pedro at



  If you would like to volunteer with us
please click here

to download the application.

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